Monday, March 4, 2019

Member Profile Jake Henderson


Name: Jacob Henderson

Occupation: Health Care Administrator

How long have you been a member of Hellgate Hunters and Anglers? 11 years

How did your passion for wildlife, wild places, and fair chase hunting and fishing blossom?
I grew up hunting and fishing but my passion really started when I moved to Montana and fell in love with being out in the mountains and spending time with friends in the field.

Favorite/most memorable hunting/fishing story?
One of my best memories is floating the Bitterroot with my wife and taking our lab out on his first canoe ride. As we floated down I hooked onto an 18-inch rainbow and in the chaos the dog went wild and jumped in the river after the fish. This resulted in my wife and I being thrown out of the canoe along with all our gear. Fortunately, we were in shallow water and I held onto the rod and was able to land the fish while also hanging onto the canoe. All was well, and we had a great laugh over it and it’s been a great story to tell ever since.
Have you ever been lost? Not since I started using onX.

Favorite River/Hunting snack? Jerky and dried mangos.

What is the story behind your first fly rod or gun?  Who gave it to you? My first real fly rod was given to me by a great friend and the guy who taught me how to fly fish. He was at a yard sale in Butte and found a Winston 5 weight and case for five dollars and gave it to me as a birthday present as he said he was tired of fishing with me and picking up the sorry excuse I had for a rod on the raft. It’s been a great rod.

What is the best hunting/fishing advice you have received? To keep the wind in my face!

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