Monday, February 25, 2019

Member Profile: Walker Conyngham


Name: Walker Conyngham
Occupation: Communications Coordinator

How long have you been a member of Hellgate Hunters and Anglers?
Since February of last year.

How did your passion for wildlife, wild places, and fair chase hunting and fishing blossom? Some of my earliest memories include getting lugged around in a backpack like a sack of potatoes as my father cast to rising trout and bombing through off-piste powder on skis with my mother. Throw in a healthy dose of opportunity here in Montana, and I was hooked at an early age.
I would also credit HHA with deepening my connection to our local rivers and mountains. There aren’t many local organizations this tuned in to the threats facing Montana’s wildlife and ecosystems. I’m lucky to be a part of this group of dedicated conservationists.

Favorite/most memorable hunting/fishing story?
My first Atlantic salmon. Fished all week without a single strike, and then hooked into a twelve-pounder that took off like a scalded cat. Landing a fish with that much vitality and fight after long days of fruitless swinging is just about the best feeling in the world.
Favorite River/Hunting snack?
Peanut butter, bacon, and maple syrup burritos.

If you had to pawn everything- what hunting /fishing item could you not live without?
Probably my dog.

Worst/Most miserable day of hunting or fishing?
There was an infamous chukar trip right after I got my first license at age 12. We ended up spending the night out in the Snake River breaks with a hobbled-up lab, no map, and cotton clothing. In December. As a chubby adolescent, I was left tucked under a cliff while the grown-ups hiked out to the nearest road. Long story short, they came back hours later with food, water, and warm clothing to find me fast asleep on a bed of grass. Never shot a bird that whole trip.

What hunting/fishing adventures are on your bucket list?
Taimen in Mongolia, GTs at Christmas Island, and a bighorn ram here in Montana.  That last one is a real long shot, but I’m optimistic.

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