Friday, March 2, 2018

Member Profile: Kit Fischer

HHA President Kit Fischer
Each week leading up to our annual fundraiser we will be profiling one of our Hellgate Hunters & Anglers members and their love for Montana’s Hunting and Fishing opportunities. 

First up:  HHA President Kit Fischer 

Name: Kit Fischer

Occupation: Wildlife Conservation with National Wildlife Federation

How long have you been a member of Hellgate Hunters & Anglers? 8 years

How did your passion for wildlife, wild places, and fair chase hunting and fishing blossom?  I grew up hiking, fishing and paddling every nook and corner of the state.  My folks wrote wildlife and river guide books and my brother and I were eager to join in on the adventures.

Favorite/most memorable hunting/fishing story?  Lost in a blizzard chasing a wounded elk on Ovando Mountain with my brother.  We argued about everything- his shot placement, how long to wait for it to bleed out/get covered with snow, and ultimately how to know when you’re really lost.  When you’re arguing about which direction a frozen creek is running, you’re lost.  We eventually found a camper trailer late at night and knocked on the door- an old couple invited us in for cookies and coffee and gave us a ride 8 miles to our truck.

Who took you on your first Hunting/Fishing trip?  My Dad still loves telling me how to set up a better duck spread, be a better bird hunter, shooter, caller, dog handler, driver, and gentleman. My Dad and Steve Woodruff took me up to Brown’s Lake for my first duck hunt when I was maybe 9.  He gave me a single shot .410 for some early gun safety and training and was stunned when I dropped a green wing in the decoys.  Unfortunately, my shooting has only gone downhill since then.

What is the best hunting/fishing advice you have received?  You can spend as much money on fancy hunting gear and guns as you want, but if you don’t put serious time in the woods, prepare to be disappointed.  Hunting is the great equalizer. A $2000 custom rifle will do the same thing as your grandpa’s venerable Springfield .30-06 if you know how to use it. 

How many Honey Holes have you lost to ex’s?  I’ve lost more spots during the courting stage of a relationship than the dating stage.  Hormones are rushing, you’re trying to ensure a good time so you slip and go to your best fishing or hunting or gathering spot - neurons aren’t firing correctly, secrets are exposed. Seemingly they all carry write-in-the-rain notebooks in their back pockets.

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