Friday, October 31, 2014

The British are Coming!

Well, He's come and gone, actually.

Richard Jackson is an avid fly fisherman, hunter & guide from Great Britain who loves Montana. He just completed his second trip to the Treasure State and managed to find more than a deer or elk (which he did, on Public Land and on Block Management). Richard's trip started out a little Rocky.

You can read the details on Randy Newberg's forum, Hunt Talk:

Long story short, Richard had his handloaded ammo confiscated by customs and landed in Bozeman unarmed as his rifle hadn't made it yet either. He posted to Randy's website, and hunters came out of the woodwork offering to overnight him ammo, handload for him or give them some from their own closely held stock. It was pretty cool to see the hunting community come together and help Richard get what he needed. Luckily, there were a couple of boxed of 30-06 still in Bozeman and he soon retrieved his rifle from the airlines.

He was set but would he connect?

You bet he did. We love to see brothers and sisters from other countries come to Montana and experience our public lands and block management areas. Richard hunted hard opening weekend and connected on an unique 3x5 bull:

A day later, he was able to find this Whitetail Buck on a piece of Block Management:

It is a pretty impressive task to not only overcome the tribulations of flying internationally and then connecting on two critters on a Do-It-Yourself hunt on public land on opening weekend. 

Well done Richard. We hope the venison and elk steaks bring a smile to your face and the antlers serve as long lasting memories.  Cheers! 

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