Thursday, March 8, 2012

A cow pie by any other name...

Did you see this? Congressman Denny Rehberg issued a press release the other day that called the Montana Wildlife Federation, their over 7,000 members and 24 affiliated Rod and Gun Clubs “pretend hunters.”

MWF sent letters to the Congressman asking for a meeting, and they were told “we’ll get back to you.” After two months, nothing.Nada. Zip. No email back saying: “Gosh, we’re so sorry, but the Congressman doesn’t feel like a meeting would be productive,” or “Denny just can’t find time to squeeze you in right now, but let’s keep trying to get something set up.”

Instead, the Congressman released statements from groups like the Gun Owners of America, who said that if you want unbroken habitats, long seasons and common sense management of Forest Lands you’re a fake hunter and that, “ any real hunter would be happy to support” H.R. 1581.

By the way, Gun Owners of America are from Virginia. They’re a lobbying group. Not sure how much time they spend in Montana chasing elk, or fighting to restore herds. Not a lot of good elk country on the Eastern Seaboard, or in fancy office buildings. Funny that beltway insiders and politicians seem to know what’s best for Montana’s wildlife and hunters and anglers.

Another group that the Congressman uses is Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife. Remember these guys? Their grand poobah, Don Peay, just came out calling public ownership of wildlife “socialism,” and that we need to revisit the concept that wildlife is a public resource.

SFW,by the way, was founded in Utah, where you’re lucky to hunt a mature bull elk once every twenty years, unless you can buy one of the over 400 welfare tags that SFW gets handed to them by the state every year.

So, we find it strange that the congressman would rather use out of state lobbyists and wildlife privateers to bolster his statement that “real” hunting groups support HR 1581. We don’t buy it. In fact, most Montanan’s and Montana sporting organizations oppose H.R. 1581. Heck, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation withdrew their support when they found out the details of the bill. Thats all we are asking, is for Denny to rethink his position.

We also find it strange that the Congressman refuses to sit down with Montana’s oldest, and largest organization of conservation minded hunters and anglers. MWF has been around for 76 years, fighting for access to our wildlife, streams and public lands. They’re not a fly-night group of guys and gals. Neither are the hundreds of other national and state sportsmen’s organizations who oppose this bill.

RMEF, MWF and other MONTANA groups think Rebherg's 1581 is bad for elk. Since when do politicians and lobbyists know what's best for Montana hunters?

Now is time to stand up and call BS on Rehberg's HR 1581
. Ask him to listen to Montana hunters and withdraw support for the anti-habitat, anti-hunting HR 1581.

C’mon Denny, be honest. Rather than attack a group of dedicated Montana hunters and anglers, why won’t you work collaboratively with MWF and the dozens of other groups that oppose this bill instead of getting beltway insiders to speak for you?


  1. I think that it would be more practical to eliminate the BLM and castrate the Forest Service. Montana should be able to regulate Montana without Federal interference. We need public land and wilderness, because us 99% can't compete with the Ted Turner's of the world buying another 1.5 milion acres for his private Buffalo herd.

    1. to MT.TX.Rancher, why do you feel the need to eliminate the BLM and castrate the Forest Service. The management of fish and wildlife is the responsibility of the state and not the Feds, that is part of the Public Trust Doctrine.

  2. All I can really say is how can roadless hunters be phonies Denny? As for Denny's use of Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (SFW) in his put down of roadless areas one only needs to remember that SFW, not big on habitat but big on elimination of all predators and doling out permits for their rich contributors are the modern day Robin Hoods, only they steal from us (yes, that's us, the ordinary folks)and give to themselves. They have come out publicly and went one step further by calling the most successful method of managing fish and wildlife, the North American Model of Wildlife Management socialism, so who are the phonies Denny? So come on Denny, if you really stand with the Montana hunter and angler like you say you do stop doing what you're doing and withdraw your support for HR-1581.